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Looking for that perfect gift for a son, daughter, niece, nephew, grandson or
granddaughter? Let us suggest a personalized CD.

What is a personalized CD?
To us, a personalized CD is more than just having your child's name printed on
the CD label, it will also feature your child's name within the music and lyrics of
the songs!

Our children's personalized CD's are great for all occasions, from holidays to
birthdays, baby showers to sporting events. We have over two thousand names
to choose from, covering nineteen different CD's, each one saying the child's
name throughout, adding to the thrill and excitement of this special gift. You
also have the option of further personalization by adding a message for the child
on the label of every CD.

The music on each CD is high quality, written and performed by professional
musicians, recorded in professional studios. The music is fun and upbeat, and will
have your child dancing and singing along from the moment they press "Play".

Our sports CD's will put your child right in the middle of the action as the winning
driver at their favorite stock car race, hitting the game winning home run of a
baseball game, or kicking the winning goal in a soccer match. These simulated
live broadcasts have been a hit with all ages!

You can make your child's Christmas even more special with "Christmas is
Coming", hear the story of "Chanukah", or listen with wonder as they help others
in need in the original story of "How I Saved Christmas".

For the newborn in your life we offer "You're An Angel". These eight original and
classic lullabies are all done in warm, soothing styles to help you rock your
littlest angel to sleep.

So whatever special occasion happening in your child's life, or special event you
may wish to commemorate, we feel we have just the right personalized CD for